Holistic Health Coach Rodney Dodson searches through a package he purchased from the online organic store Thrive Market. He reads the ingredients for organic and non-gmo certifications  


Creating Habits! But why do so many people have a tough time sticking with them? 

They try to start with too much too fast. Your habits determine your success in life. Because you’re the foundation of your everything. And if your habits are holding you back, you’re not going to be as successful as you could be. As prosperous and joyful  as you were born to be.

Trying to start a new habit and wondering how long it will take to stick?

According to the extensive research of psychologist John Norcross, a new healthy behavior (like time management or following a weight-loss or exercise plan) takes about 90 days to become a new habit.

However, that new habit has to override old habits, and if the old ones are pleasurable, addictive, or formed out of fear or trauma, it will take longer to decrease the neural circuits that control them as you repeatedly habituate yourself to automatically using a newer and more positive strategy.

We will cover all this and more while working together! 

That’s why you need a community to grow with—AKA: simple lifestyle shifts—that make all that heavy lifting way easier. You also need the right people around you—a team you love that’s elevating you, supporting you, and joining you on your journey. If you're ready to live your best life, let's go!

Holistic Health Coach Rodney Dodson sits on top of a mountain at Sedona Arizona so he can meditate with the feminine and masculine energies. He wears a blue shirt and white shorts


Evidence suggests that conventional stress management which focuses on stress symptoms is of very little benefit as the integrated approach is more ideal to treat the underlying causes of emotional distress and even PTSD. 

Several studies demonstrated that through holistic changes in daily routine, one can lessen multiple emotional sufferings and promote positive psychophysical attributes. 

These holistic approaches are characterized by the treatment of the whole person taking into account physical, mental, social, and spiritual factors, rather than just focusing on symptoms of a disease. Holistic approaches can impact on mental and physical health and are cost-effective.


Essential oils have been used for thousands of years for optimal, natural health. From mood-balancing to stress management and boosting your immune system, EO is part of a holistic wellness lifestyle.

A stack of books about health with a pair of glasses on top. They all sit on a wooden table


Don't get me wrong, my clients are typically smart as heck... but what's one of the biggest obstacles I've heard? THEY ARE TOO BUSY TO STAY INFORMED!

And I believe it... 

It's tough for people with busy lives to stay up to date with the mounds of new health science piling in. Lucky for you, I'm obsessed with it anyway lol So rest assure, I'll do my best to send out newsletters, interviews and resources all about health and wellness. 

Community is also key. One person, no matter how passionate and intelligent, can't possibly "know it all." Community is key. That's why we have a safe space to meet and connect with all kinds of people just like you, searching for truth. 

  • Rodney Dodson leans down to take a photo with a sign stating There is oil in the house of the wise. This comes from the Bible.
  • Holistic Health Coach Rodney Dodson and Reiki Master Amber Eager visiting Utopia Juice Bar in South Florida. They take a selfie wearing blue and red shirts. Happy health mentors
  • Holistic Health Coach Rodney Dodson and Reiki Master Amber Eager enjoy organic vegetable juice at a local place called raw juice located in Delray Beach. They are both wearing grey
  • Holistic Health Coach Rodney Dodson driving his car. He has his seat belt on and wears a grey shirt.
  • Rodney Dodson is a health coach and here he stands in the organic restaurant Gaia Therapeat located in Hollywood Florida. Lots of herbs, tonics, teas and organic french food here.