Hello! Welcome to our tiny, magical corner in this vast space called “the web!” If you’ve found your way here, we can already guess something about you. You are aligning yourself with natural health and spiritual consciousness. If that’s true, you are in the right place!

The Holistic Healing tribe was founded by Marlene Ivette and Rodney Dodson and has evolved to include  a community of 1,000+ members……and growing!

We believe that attaining health IS SIMPLE. The human body is a self-healing, self-regulating, interconnected organism. It is disease and illness resilient; when not inflicted with toxic overload, malnutrition, and heightened emotional stress. But how does one’s body combat these stressors and become resilient? Are you ready for the answers?

It’s important to understand that WE don’t heal you. Your BODY heals itself. We simply provide the mentoring, support, and resources, including essential oils, proper nutrition, detox, and meditation, which set you on the path toward healing.

You want to THRIVE! Mentally. Physically. Spiritually. Financially.
Let us get you on the path to health! We are excited for you to join our Holistic Healing tribe!

introducing: DYL Membership

A holistic community where you’ll be guided through creating a wellness package just for you and your new story aligned with happiness, vitality and prosperity.

As a member of DETOX YOUR LIFE, each month you’ll receive:

Exclusive, Online Community

Access to an exclusive, private, online community of like-minded creatives, health conscious and spiritually connected peeps. 

Health Professional Guidance

Natural health specialists are often expensive and unfortunately insurance rarely covers natural health services. Imagine having a team of health coaches and practitioners there when you need them. We do that! 

Live Healthy & 
Save Money

Most people would love to live a healthier diet and lifestyle but they lose incentive because of the cost. Let’s face it, natural products are typically expensive! We’ll teach you all the tips and tricks on how to live healthy without having to spend a fortune.

Resources & Education

To achieve our health goals, education and proper resources are so key. Science is constantly uncovering new information. We provide resources for learning which include updated Spreadsheets, Educational Forums, online modules, and essential oil certifications.  

Guest Expert 

Monthly interactive online events each month with a guest expert. They will join our exclusive group to share their expertise. You’ll get to hear from incredible souls, take notes, and ask questions from leaders in wellness, health, productivity, mindfulness, stress management… and much more.

Recipes & Remedies

Get healthy delicious recipes, remedies, productivity and progressive relaxation tips delivered to you monthly. Being busy and getting healthy can be a journey full of food, potions and tricks that make life better. 

here's how to join

Monthly Access


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    • 25% OFF Health Consults
    • Access to DYL Community
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Free Health Professional Guidance
Natural health professionals and specialists are often expensive and unfortunately insurance rarely covers natural health services. Imagine having a team of health coaches and practitioners there when you need them. We do that! And we provide our guidance FREE for our members. 
You become our priority and are added to our private members-only support group full of education and resources that you will have access to once you have your membership. It’s a fantastic community full of like-minded people loving, sharing and living natural health and using essential oils! 
Health Education
In order to truly achieve optimal health, using proper diet, lifestyle and essential oils is critical. Malnutrition, toxic overload and heightened emotional stress are the three primary reasons people develop illness to begin with. 

We provide many resources for learning which include our online educational forum, social media groups, and courses. 


You can cancel at any time. There are no strings attached here. This is how strongly I believe in the power of our system and community to truly change your life (one step at a time)
"Working with Rodney and the community he has built has helped me connect with quality essential oils and natural health modalities safely and in new ways. This has given me relief from nausea, anxiety, and hormonal cramping. I love the oils and nutrition he has suggested! I haven't had a cold progress into pneumonia since! Rodney has always been right there to answer my questions not only on the oils but on every aspect of natural health and wellness that I have explored. I am lucky to be a part of his community!"

—Danae Martin
"I would recommend Rodney and his health support to any and everyone I know. And I do! He has been a great mentor and friend to me."
—Amber Eager
"My world changed when I met Rodney. He has always been there for me regarding my health and truly, he's just an overall incredible person that actually cares about people. He has been passionate about health and helping others since I met him over 10 years ago. I am blessed. My family has benefited so much from his resources, knowledge, and community."
— Ashley Torres