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Living a life aligned with joy and abundance doesn't have to be hard. Not when you have a supportive community to help you along the way. This could be the beginning of something BIG!

 Photo of Rodney Dodson. He is a health coach and holistic mentor. He is wearing a blue shirt and crystal bracelet

Meet rodney dodson

I help you create a healthier and abundant life—even when your life feels chaotic. Whether it's physical, mental, spiritual or financial, it's all a matter of creating healthy habits and unlocking our frequency to a higher vibration!

Set Yourself Free

Even if you don't believe it (yet) you really are a beautiful and powerful governor of the universe and you deserve everything you desire in life. You were born to experience happiness and prosperity. 

Expand what's possible

By living a holistic lifestyle, we can experience greater health and wellness than ever before... all while making a major positive difference in the world. 

Woman herbalist dropping healing medicinal essential oils on her arm. Scented candle and healing oil formula in a bottle sit on the table near her. She uses Aromatherapy.

Learn how to use doTERRA essential oils to live well and feel better faster.

Man on his laptop searching for organic walnut milk recipes. He wants it raw and alkaline. He finds Rodney Dodson on youtube

Watch my Youtube education videos designed for people that want to be healthier, happier and thriving. 

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Join our health & wellness community for the support you're looking for. 

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If you've been looking for more meaning and depth in your life, I'm here to support you! I know you were born for big things. Join my free Facebook group to receive inspiration and support to reach your goals and realize your dreams.

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If you're wondering, "What are essential oils? How can I use them to improve my health?" be sure to download my free "Getting Started with Essential Oils" guide today!

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Let's Connect

  • Holistic Health Coach and mentor Rodney Dodson takes a selfie while visiting an art event in South Florida. He stands next to a pink and purple painting while wearing a blue shirt
  • Holistic Health Coach Rodney Dodson takes a selfie while visiting a nature reserve / preserve in South Florida called Gumbo Limbo. He's wearing a blue shirt and leather backpack
  • Rodney Dodson leans down to take a photo with a sign stating There is oil in the house of the wise. This comes from the Bible.
  • Rodney Dodson is a health coach and here he stands in the organic restaurant Gaia Therapeat located in Hollywood Florida. Lots of herbs, tonics, teas and organic french food here.
  • Holistic Health Coach Rodney Dodson searches a package he purchased from the online store called Thrive Market. He carries organic olives and reads the ingredients for organic and non-gmo certifications.